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The Holy Bible       (New American Bible version)



Septuagint – NETS  New English Version



The Didache



Latin Vulgate With English & Search (D-R)



Latin Vulgate with  Douay Rheims and King James Versions compared



Bible Gateway Keyword Search



New Jerusalem Bible



The New Advent Encyclopedia



On Line Bible with Greek and Latin Text (new Advent)



Dictionary of Terms    (Modern Catholic Dictionary)






Catechism of The Catholic Faith



Catholic bible Study



Canon Law



Traditional Catholic Document References



Nazareth Master Catholic Catechism - CIN



What VATICAN II Really Said



Gaudium Et Spes – Pastoral Constitution on the Church



LUMEN GENTIUM - Dogmatic Constitution on the Church and Civil Justice  V. C.  II



Evangelium Vitae – Regard to Human Life by Pope John Paul II



Vatican II Search Engine






Essentials of Faith



Universalis - Liturgy of the Hours



Veritatis Splendor  - John Paul II (1993)






Dies Domini – John Paul II (1998)



Dominus Iesus






Biblos Translations



RCIA Programs Through “Catechism Class” Web Site



Catholic Evangelism



The Vatican



Vatican Site Quick Alpha. Index



Ordinary of the Tridentine Latin Mass Translated to English



Ordinary Of The Divine Office






Support for pastors and laymen of other traditions



forming small Catholic faith communities



Catholic Resources . org











Correcting Misconceptions In Christianity



St. C. Borromeo Web site

Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid





Answers to Questions regarding Catholicism






The Holy Rosary - by

Biblia Clerus Resources  - Congregation For The Clergy





Lineage of the Rosary and  Individual Devotion to Mary

Ancient Greek-Dictionary Online Translation LEXILOGOS >>





Cardinal Avery Dulles On Line  References

Parallel Greek New Testament





Origins Of Christian Churches

Greek Bible Study: Read, Word Study, Translate





Geneology Of Christian Faiths   (Catholic Apologetics)

Reformation and Protestantism





Paying Attention To The Sky (Saint Paul)

Fish Eaters Index





Catholic Internet Directories

Nazareth Resource Library By James Akin





CrossRoads Initiative

Corunum resource





R. J. Grigaitis' Links

CIN Apologetics





Haydock’s Catholic Bible Commentary  1859 Edition

CIN Catholic Church History





Catholic & Protestant Bibles - Catholic Bible Study

Latin to English quick Translation





Early Church Fathers  (CCEL)

Saint Paul Center For Biblical Study





Early Church Fathers – excerpts by Subject (stayCatholic)

Fordham University Medieval Historic References





Early Church Fathers Full writings – (new advent)

Society For Ancient Languages





Dating of Early Christian Writings

Mormonism and similar beliefs vs Catholicism





Catholic Q and A Resources

Catholic 8M Links Source





Called to Communion

Science and Religion





Catholic Defense RCC

Pontifical Academies In Science (Vatican)   





Catholic Apologetics

The Fine Tuning Of The Universe





Lumenverum Apologetics

The History of Eucharistic Adoration - EWTN





Deuterocanonical References in the New Testament

Catholic bible 101





Scripture Catholic - Apologetics

The Barque Of Peter





Transporter Info Services - Apologetics






History Of the Church     (pre-reformation)

Catholic Faith and Reason Apologetics





Greek Bible Translations

The Primacy of Peter Interpreted - Matthew Ch 16: v18





Teachings of the Catholic Church Simplified - EWTN

Shroud and Crucifixion Studies





John Henry Newman  Apologia pro Vita Sua

The Chair of St. Peter – - by “Called to Communion”





Bible Archaeology Review

Reflections on Mathison’s Dialectic – by “Called to Communion”







Catholic History Resources for Researchers






Educational Sources



Recommended Books

For Those Considering Converting or Returning to the Catholic Church

(Book Titles Linked to supplier)



 Confessions of a Mega Church Pastor” – (How I Discovered the Hidden Treasures of the Catholic Church) – Allen Hunt

This book was written by a former Methodist Pastor of a large mega Methodist church of 15,000 people in Alpharetta, Georgia.  Allen Hunt tells his story of how he became a convert to Catholicism through very personal stories that he mentions in this book through the analogy of rooms in an old house to elaborate on the treasures of the Catholic Church beginning with the house itself and ultimately after visiting all the rooms in the home, ends on the front porch.  It is beautifully written and really does speak of the beauty and fullness of all the church has to offer.  Allen has been featured on EWTN’s Journey Home with Marcus Grodi.  This book can be ordered through for a nominal fee.





Rediscover Catholicism” – (A Spiritual Guide to Living with Passion & Purpose) - Matthew Kelly

Matthew Kelly wrote this book with the objective of all Catholic Churches having a copy for their parishioners to read because it is his contention the church is going through tough times in America.  He wants to revitalize the faith communities of the Catholic Churches with discussions on Living an Authentic Life, What is God’s dream for your life?, Do the saints have anything to offer you?, Is Jesus still relevant?, and Can the ancient traditions of Catholicism help us deal with the modern challenges of our lives?.  Every chapter is a page turner and his discussions are very relevant to today’s world.  His chapters on The Seven Pillars of Catholic Spirituality give the reader thoughts on confession, prayer, the Mass, the bible, spiritual reading, fasting and the rosary.  Matthew Kelly is a born Catholic, and “has dedicated his life to helping people and organizations to become the best versions of themselves”.  He is a well-known speaker and author of other books.  His website is  This book can be purchased through his website for a nominal fee.





Rome Sweet Home” – Scott & Kimberly Hahn (Former Presbyterian Pastor)

This is a must read for anyone contemplating becoming Catholic.  It is a book that is hard to put down once you begin reading the first page.  It emphasizes the struggles it takes to become Catholic leaving behind years of a life in the Protestant faith.  It also speaks of the struggles of a marriage in the throes of disarray due to the conversion of Scott to the Catholic faith before Kimberly.  As Cardinal John J. O’Conner said “A moving story of faith and a reminder that the truths of the Catholic Church – especially Humanae Vitae – continue to speak to hearts that are open.





I’m Not Being Fed!”  Discovering the Food that Satisfies the Soul – Jeff Cavins (Former Protestant Pastor)

This book is written by a Catholic, who had left the church in his early twenties because as most of us who left did, felt the church was not a “nourishing” faith.  As noted on the jacket “Jeff Cavins explores the reasons why many Catholics do not seem to understand and appreciate the Holy Eucharist – and why some have even left the Church, saying that they simply weren’t being “fed” and that they longed for a more personal, “spiritually nourishing” relationship with Jesus”.  Cavins human interest stories and humor make this book once to have on a shelf for future reference.





While You Were Gone” – Fr. William J. Bausch

This is a “Handbook for Returning Catholics and those thinking about it”.  This book will explain the changes that have taken place within the church since Vatican II.  It is an easy read and will provide one with “what is different in the Church today, as well as how and why these changes came about”.  It reminds the reader of what the church once was taking them through Vatican II and some of the future issues facing the church.





The Catholic Response” – Very Reverend Peter M.J. Stravinskas, Ph.D., S.T.D.

This book is more of an apologetic type of book for those struggling with how to answer and defend the faith to those who have misconceptions of Catholic beliefs or doctrines of the Church.  This book was written in response to the negative Fundamentalist messages publically being spoken against the Catholic Church with emphasis on a response to letters written by Jimmy Swaggert to his “Catholic Friends”. It is an easy read and will provide the Catholic with proper ways to answer the sometimes difficult questions or comments one may be exposed to from well-meaning Protestant encounters.





Thoughts for the Journey HomeMarcus C. Grodi (Former Presbyterian Pastor)

Marcus Grodi is a well-known author and lecturer and appears on the EWTN with the Coming Home Network.  This book is a collection of his essays on his journey of faith which is described as “personal struggles with doubt, anxiety about the future, vocational guidance, and problems that may arise in relationships with loved ones”.  He addresses both “intellectual issues” of the Catholic faith as well as “spiritual issues involving Marian devotion” as well as other topics of a sacramental nature.  This book is also easy to read, spoken from his heart and will inspire those contemplating either a return to the Faith or converting from another denomination.





The Privilege of Being Catholic”, by Father Oscar Lukefahr, C.M.

This book is an overview of what Catholics believe and as the back cover says: "With reverence for Tradition and Scripture, Father Lukefahr explains what the sacramental principle is, how it is based on the Incarnation of Jesus Christ, and how this unique perspective makes the Catholic faith distinct among faiths." At the end of each chapter are questions for discussion and then a reflection indicating this book could be used in a group setting or easily done individually as well. It is easy to read and empowers one with the ability to be able to explain the Catholic faith to those who might be thinking of becoming Catholic.






Educational Media



The Series – Presented by Word On Fire 








EWTN - Eternal Word Television Network



Meditation and Contemplation In Prayer



Father Cedric Pisegna, C.P



Looking Abortion In The eye



Catholic Perspective On St. Paul (audio)



Father Leo Clifford, O.F.M.



Fathers of Mercy Web Site



Father William Casey, C.P.M.



Father Angelus Shaughnessy , O.F.M., Cap.



Father Mitch Pacwa, S.J.



Doctor Scott Hahn, PH.D.



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